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The Lady (2011)

The Lady (2011)

Aung San Suu Kyi is portrayed by Michelle Yeoh in the 2011 British biographical picture The Lady, directed by Luc Besson, while Michael Aris, her late husband, is portrayed by David Thewlis. Yeoh acknowledged that playing the Nobel laureate had been scary for her, calling the movie “a labor of love.” The movie was released in Thailand and Singapore on February 2, 2012. It premiered on February 3 in Hong Kong; then, on February 9, it was released in theaters. Many pirated versions are privately marketed in Burma. The Lady’s real net worth is known to the public, but Net Worth Spot uses data to predict that it is $902.69k.However, the Lady’s net worth has been speculated to be larger than that by some. With these extra sources of income, The Lady might be worth more like $1.26 million.


Aung San Suu Kyi’s father, Aung San led Burma to independence in 1947 when she was just two years old. But soon later, on July 19, 1947, he and several of his coworkers were murdered by a group of armed, uniformed men.

Suu Kyi moved to England as an adult, where she married a devoted man and raised a lovely family. However, her mother’s declining health in 1988 compelled her to go back to Burma, where her father, Aung San, was still revered. Many of the individuals hurt during the Tatmadaw’s crackdown on the 8888 Uprising were encountered when she went to see her mother in the hospital in 1988. She becomes aware of the need for political reform in Burma and is soon sucked into the campaign. She subsequently adopted the position of an icon supporting the Burmese people’s right to self-determination and committed herself to advance political freedom.

In 1990, Suu Kyi established a political party and easily won. On the other hand, the Burmese military resisted accepting the election’s outcome and took action to subdue Suu Kyi. When her husband and children were forbidden from entering Burma and placed under house arrest for more than ten years, she and her family were split apart. Suu Kyi’s husband never stopped fighting for her to be recognized outside of Burma. She became the second woman in Asia to win the Nobel Peace Prize due to their efforts (the first being Mother Teresa of India in 1979). However, their estrangement persisted since Suu Kyi could not attend the ceremony and because Michael Aris could not visit Suu Kyi before his untimely death. According to the audience, it’s a great movie. you must watch it.