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L’Avant Dernier (1981)

L’Avant Dernier (1981)

1981’s L’Avant Dernier Luc Besson is the director. by Les Films du Loup in production. Stars are Pierre Jolivet, Jean Reno, and Fabrice Roche. A man is lost in a destroyed dystopian city, encountering violent crime at every turn. A poor trailer for a strong film. French filmmaker Luc Besson’s debut short film is titled L’Avant dernier. It serves as the prelude to his film “La Dernier Combat.” This brief prologue to Luc Besson’s “Le Dérnier Combat” is a mediocre, tiresome, disorganized, and marginally engaging movie.


This film is a reworking of a short film Besson made several years ago (L’Avant dernier). Despite being puzzling and compelling at the same time, it offers a powerful insight into human nature. Due to the absence of dialogue, one can draw their own conclusions (and to some extent make up their own film), which greatly enhances the appeal of the film. In this film, Besson shows a human side that he weirdly lacks in his next few films. Besson’s closest friend, Pierre Jolivet, plays the lead role in the film (creating such masterpieces as the baffling sci-fi thriller The Machine).

According to this story’s premise, a man is lost in a destroyed dystopian city, encountering violent crime at every turn. What does a mother’s disappearance signify if the death of a father is the first death of a son? Its conclusion differs because it has nothing to do with our identities or states of consciousness. Further back, it goes up to the initial heartbeat in the void and quiet. After she vanished, we entered the period of true death or sensitive death. From his body’s origin to our commencement, we also perish. Then, what in us never yields—dreams and pleasure; a first step, a first word; warm bread and caresses—disappears beyond the mystery of the unbreakable body. Our

sole youth will.

There are no longer any signs of civilization after a global nuclear disaster. Mankind is left to eking out a precarious existence amidst the debris since air pollution has robbed him of his speaking ability. One man can flee from a group of marauders in a desolate area by repairing an airplane. He falls into the ruins of a once-thriving metropolis and comes across a violent beast. With assistance from a doctor who lives alone in what was once a hospital, he can repel the brute. But the doctor is hiding something. In his cellar, he is imprisoning a woman.

The film L’Avant Dernier has a 5.6 out of 10 IMDb rating. You must watch this film. We hope you will love the film.