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Anna (2019)

Anna (2019)

Anna is a 2019 action thriller film directed, written, and produced by French director Luc Besson. This film was released in the USA on 21st June 2019. The main cast of this film is a Russian actress and model, Sasha Luss, as Anna Poliatova. Other casts of the movie include Helen Mirren, Cillian Murphy, Luke Evans, Eric Gold, etc. The movie is about a Russian beauty Anna Poliatova who operates for the KGB and is always trying to find a way out.

The movie’s budget was around 30 million dollars, and it earned 31.6 million dollars on its box office collection. It is rated for strong action, violence, intimacy, and language. Anna is not only focused on action but also depicts the main lead’s story in the movie. The movie’s length is 119 minutes, which is great entertainment for the audience.


A young Russian lady named Anna, who experienced domestic violence in 1990, would stop at nothing to escape the world she is shackled in. Unexpectedly, she hesitantly accepts a proposition from KGB agent Alex. After one year of training, she will serve as a KGB assassin for the KGB for five years under the supervision of Olga; then, she will be free to live her life. Vassiliev, the leader of the KGB, refuses to uphold this agreement and suggests that death is the only alternative for leaving the KGB.

She poses as a model and gets a job in Paris after doing so. She completes numerous assignments and assassinations at the same time. She is in a romantic connection with another model Maude, supported by Olga, to allay rumors about her. In return for a promise of early retirement and a safe life in Hawaii, she offers to work for the CIA as a double agent after they discover her, with Agent Miller serving as her handler.

The CIA believes that Vassiliev’s death will improve relations with the KGB, so Miller later gives her the assignment of killing him. Anna assassinates Vassiliev and escapes the KGB by force. Later, she sets up a meeting with Miller and Alex to trade information she had stolen from the two organizations for a brief reprieve. Olga ambushes her while she is leaving and shoots her for her treachery. But to fake her death and flee, she employs a body double.

Later on, it was exposed that Olga was the one who first learned about Anna’s connection to the CIA and the assassination plot against Vassiliev. For Olga to succeed in Vassiliev, both ladies plotted to cooperate with the CIA. Later, they staged Anna’s execution to deceive both agencies and rescue Anna. Olga listens to a recorded message that Anna left for her as she moves into Vassiliev’s old office. Anna thanks Olga and says she has evidence of Olga’s role in Vassiliev’s death if Olga breaks their agreement. Olga nods admiringly before removing Anna’s information from the KGB agent database.

Here it is all about the action thriller film story of Anna. This movie received a rating of 6.6 out of 10 on IMDB. If you are a thriller lover, this movie will be worth watching.