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Angel A (2005)

Angel A (2005)

Angel A is a French romantic drama and fantasy film directed by Luc Besson and released in France on 21st December 2005. Franco-Moroccan actor Jamel Debouzze and Denis actress Rie Rasmussen were the main cast of this film. Jamel Debbouze portrays Andre, a Frenchman who is having a terrible time financially. In “Angel-A,” Angela (Rie Rasmussen) and Andre (Jamel Debbouze) cross paths during their respective suicide attempts.

Luc Besson directed the two films “Leon (The Professional)” and “Fifth Element,.” He is an expert in two genres: visually appealing and unusual imagery and romantic couplings, and this movie are full of both.


In a still frame, Andre (Jamel Debbouze) is heard saying he is now in Paris but is from America in a voiceover. Andre is knocked to the ground and told to repay his debts by three thugs as soon as the frame unfreezes. The next scene has Franck’s (Gilbert Melki) bodyguard holding Andre over the Eiffel Tower’s railing while demanding that Andre pay back the money he is owed. Andre desperately tries to get help from the Paris Police and the American embassy, but both are powerless to assist him.

Andre decides to jump from a bridge into the Seine to end his life, but he notices a stunning woman (Rie Rasmussen) who is likewise perched over the railing. When the woman falls off the bridge, Andre follows her and pulls her to safety. The woman introduces herself as Angela and claims she attempted suicide because she shared Andre’s problems. Angela promises Andre her life and says she will do all in her power to aid him to say thank you for saving her.

Andre assumes that if he brings a stunning woman with him when he visits Franck, Franck will appreciate him more. Although Franck is not interested in Andre, he agrees to meet with Angela privately to talk about the matter. When Angela appears, she tells Andre has been paid off and hands him money. Even though Andre is reluctant to accept the money since he thinks Angela cheated on Franck to earn it, he does so in the end.

Angela agrees to assist him after realizing his need for more money, and the two head to a nightclub. Angela entices men one at a time into the restrooms by promising them intimacy in exchange for cash. Pedro suggests to Andre that a race has been staged and urges him to place the money on a horse. Despite Angela’s warnings, Andre places all of their wagers on the horse that loses. When Andre finds himself in a terrible situation once more, Angela tells him that she is truly an angel who comes to assist him. Andre is enthralled and makes an effort to understand everything about Angela.

 Andre apologizes to Franck for taking out a loan from him and says he shouldn’t have after Angela’s advice. After that, he confesses his love to Franck for the person who changed his life and made him see things. Andre’s speech affects Angela deeply, and she departs. Andre follows her and eventually catches up where they first time met. Visibly upset, Angela tries to persuade Andre that they shouldn’t be together. Though Andre gets hold of her, she ascends as wings appear on her back. For the second time, they collide with the Seine. Angela is happy to see Andre despite having lost her wings.

Angel-A is a masterpiece film that can be watched over and over again. This movie earned an IMDB rating of 7 out of 10. If you have yet to watch the film, you should try it!