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1. Arthur 3 the war of the two worlds (2010)

1. Arthur 3 the war of the two worlds (2010)

Arthur 3 the war of the two worlds (English: Arthur and the War of the Two Worlds; French: Arthur et la Guerre des Deux Mondes; also known as Arthur and the Invisibles 3 or simply Arthur 3) is a 2010 French animated/live-action feature film co-written, co-produced and directed by Luc Besson. It is based on his novel of the same name and stars Freddie Highmore and the other actors who return. The third and last picture in Besson’s Arthur trilogy, which follows Arthur and the Invisibles and continues Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard, was made by EuropaCorp. With nothing left to lose at the beginning of the movie, Arthur must regain his normal size before engaging Maltazard in a titanic final fight in which Maltazard threatens to rule the universe. It earned under $30,698,619 on €65 million; ($91 million) budget. It is the final episode in the primary series. In 2022, a spin-off titled Arthur, malédiction, was published in France.


With Selenia and Betameche’s assistance, Arthur must figure out how to regain his regular height to defeat the Evil M once and for all. Maltazard is now seven feet tall, but Arthur is just two inches tall. The Evil M, Maltazard, has grown 7 feet tall and evolved among people, terrorizing everyone in his path. His objective is to rule the universe with an army of enormous henchmen. Arthur can’t fight him off because he’s still a Minimoy and can’t defend himself. He plans to grow back to his normal size with Selenia and Betameche’s assistance. All they need to do is break into Arthur’s home via the pipeworks, take an electric train from his bedroom to his grandfather’s study, and then locate an elixir that will allow them to grow back to their normal size. It sounds easy enough, but they would be pursued closely by Darko, Maltazard’s son.

Now almost two meters tall and terrorizing everyone in his path, the terrible Maltazard. His objective is to rule the universe with an army of enormous henchmen. Only Arthur, who is still small, can foil his schemes, but he must return to his bedroom to grow back to his regular size. The film Arthur 3, the war of the two worlds, has a 5.4 out of 10 IMDb rating. You must watch this film if you enjoy fantasy animated/live-action. We hope you will like the film. If you are a fan of Arthur  series then movie ise a great treat for you.